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About Thai Massage

About Thai Massage

Thai massage combines acupressure and chiropractic acrobatic stretching exercises for all muscles borrowed from yoga. The final effect is rebalancing the four elements of the body: earth (from body, skeleton, muscles, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments), water (naam, from blood and body’s secretions), Fire (fai - digestive system and metabolism) and air (lom - breathing and circulation). Also,the energy flow through the body is restored and removes bottlenecks that causes physical discomfort.

Thai Therapy Benefits

Thai Therapy Benefits

Thai Therapy: HARMONY. HEALTH. BEAUTY. SPIRITUAL BALANCE. Thai Therapy is a place where you will find all the traditional benefits, offering a big range of exquisite services. It is an elegant place that expresses freshness, relaxation and refinement. Salon’s therapists have exclusively Thai nationality and they all are graduates of Royal Massage Academy in Bangkok Thailand.

Discover our massage rooms

Discover our massage rooms

At Thai Therapy you will find nine rooms all dedicated to your wellbeing. A bouquet of spices and benefits with millennial tradition. At Sesame , Jasmin and Papaya you will find classic Thai massage, special mattresses placed on the floor. This massage involves pressure and stretching movements performed with the therapist’s hands, elbows, knees and feet.



Thai art of massage consists of an ancient method of balancing the body seen as a whole: body, mind and spirit. Accurate and authentic information can be found today in Buddhist temples in Thailand, engraved on marbleabs in ancient texts (Tripitaka - Buddhist scripture), this information is also found in the cellular memory of thai families. Thai massage means practical wisdom transmitted over hundreds of years from generation to generation.

Thai herbs - a miracle of relaxation

Using herbs in Thai tradition is an ancient practice, whose imprint is felt today in the traditional life and even more so in modern life.

A unique way through which massage and plants harmoniously join forces is with warm compresses (herbal ball), sauna and baths with Thai herbs.



Thai Therapy Benefits



Perfect matching of hot steam with the support of the active principles of herbs, gives your body and mind relaxation and refreshment, resulting in guaranteed tonic effect on the appetite of life.


Very important to note that people suffering from inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, with chronic pain, can enjoy a pampering experience for the senses, which brings with it freedom of movement, which is normally quite difficult to reach for the people concerned.



Therapeutic benefit of Thai herbs was and still is appreciated by young mothers! This pampering but more than that, a remedy, brings great support for recovering after childbirth.

Spiritual balance

The plants, being an anti-inflammatory agent, painkiller and detoxifying, are leading to the level of art the pain management role!

Spiritual balance


Aromatherapy effect of Thai herbs balances the mind and emotions, reduce stress, anxiety and negative thoughts!

OUR SERVICES Where you will be transported into a state of deep relaxation, where you'll rediscover and rejoin your inner self.
Thai Therapy Signature
More relaxation, less stress.
Thai & Swedish Blend
Energy and lust for life
Thai Therapeutic Relief
More freedom of movement
Foot Rebalance
Pampering experience for the foot, balance for the entire body.
Thai Rocks
Relaxation and release of muscle tension
Supreme Detox
A stronger metabolism
Perfect Shape
A straight back and a firm bust
Dedication to moms!
This massage is recommended for pregnant women but also for moms right after birth.
Biorhythm Balance
Retrieve your right biorhythm!
Herbal Compress Healer
Thai herbs Secrets
Grounding Foot Ritual Massage
Cellular regeneration and natural balance of the body
Ancient Detox Ritual
An ancient purification ritual
Mummy Yummy
Relaxation for future mums
Baby’s Joy
For happier children
20 Fingers Ritual
Doubles relaxation
Skin Cooler
A healthier and moisturized skin, a perfect tan!
Thai Retreat Tonic
This package is dedicated to the body, the mind and the spirit.
Thai Retreat Chill
What is your skin telling you? It’s time to listen to it!
Thai Menscapade
De-stress, Balance and Relieve


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